Some of my hobby projects:

Serverless URL Shortener

Serverless has been a hype-word for quite some time now and I wanted to know if I could build something cool with it. So I signed up for an AWS account and got to work. One of the first semi-serious projects everyone does in this space (the hello world of serverless) is the serverless URL shortener. It’s not too simple and not to complicate to pull it off and I learned quite a bit.

The architecture is the following:

The frontend is hosted on a S3 bucket which gets replicated via CloudFront to CDNs all over the world. When a user fills the form with the to-be-shortened website the frontend calls an API Gateway REST endpoint, which in turn calls a Lambda function that processes the request and saves the URL and slug in the serverless DynamoDB database.
Same for a user hitting the slug route (think something like in your address bar): this is another API Gateway endpoint that triggers a Lambda function that looks up the slug in the DynamoDB database and returns the full URL. The user gets a 302-Redirect response and gets redirected to the full URL.

Total running costs are just a couple cents per month (some S3 storage and requests as well as API Gateway requests).

Weather Map

While planning vacations I wanted to see at one glance for every month what the weather is like in multiple destinations. I didn’t find anything like it so I built it myself. Works offline as well, via Service Workers.

Don’t break the chain

This is a prototype of a productivity app. Choose what you want to accomplish (meditate more, for example) and create a calendar for it. Now whenever you accomplished it for the day, mark it in your calendar. The calendars and marked days are saved in your browser between sessions.

While you're here:

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